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Data is Alpha

Deep S* Alpha Model

Search for Stock Alpha with Big Data and Machine Learning to make perfect decision on Fundamental S Curve and Shift in investor sentiment.


There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch? We all know not all market is efficient so why take risk if arbitrage is possible? And yes it is Market Neutral.

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Want to jump in fintech boom but lack of know-how and skills?

Let us do the work. We experiences in helping several startups and institutions.

Data for model
  • Market Data
  • Core Financial Data
  • Economic Data
  • Alternative Data
  • Derived Data
Any Data is useful, depends on how you use them.
Predict human behavior

Stock market is story of cycles and of the human behavior that is irresponsible for overreaction

Seth Klarman

Find hidden pattern

Deep research and leading-edge technology is key success to our findings

Experiences help us frame A.I. learning in Fundamental and Investor Sentiment becoming Deep S* Alpha Model

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